Mobile Laser Tag Virginia Code Of Conduct

Mobile Laser Tag Virginia LASER TAG PLAYERS (PARTY TAGGERS) must follow the Mobile Laser Tag Virginia CODE OF CONDUCT

(The Code Of Conduct is for your safety and enjoyment)

RULE (1) Laser Tag is a non-contact sporting game!
This means no physical contact between you and other taggers-keep 3-6 feet apart at all times! Bad sportsmanship like behavior, disrespect for people or property, bad language, name calling, cheating, etc. will not be tolerated. Players must remember that Mobile Laser Tag Virginia Laser Tag is only a game.

RULE (2) Covering the Receiver!
Do not use anything to cover up the Receiver Dome thereby preventing you from receiving tags. If you want to avoid being tagged you must use your defensive shields or take cover behind something. The Receiver Dome on the Tagger should always be at least six (6) inches from your body, covering the Receiver Dome is cheating.

RULE (3) Game Area!
Party Taggers must remain inside the marked game area, or the designated briefing area at all times. When you are “TAGGED OUT” or “DISQUALIFIED”, you must hold your tagger above your head and return to the briefing area.

RULE (4) Equipment Error Means DISQUALIFICATION!
In the event your tagger shows an error message, or the game timer is different to the Crew Chief you are disqualified from the ongoing game. Please make sure that your Tagger has started the game countdown before leaving the briefing area, and do not end or re-start a game without instruction from one of the GAME COACHES.

RULE (5) The Mobile Laser Tag Virginia Crew is in CHARGE!
No arguments, the Crews rulings and instructions are final. If you argue you don’t play. On hearing three (3) long whistle blows all Taggers should immediately stop playing, get down on one knee, and place their Taggers on the ground behind them. Resume the game when you hear three (3) short whistle blows or follow instructions from the Mobile Laser Tag Virginia Crew.

RULE (6) Laser Tag is a TEAM GAME!
Laser Tag can be individually competitive, however, in many of the games you must consider the success of the team first. Scoring is always TEAM 1ST, PLAYER 2ND


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