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Mobile Laser Tag Games We Play

These are just some of the games you can play when you have a Mobile Laser Tag Party!

Team Elimination

The objective of this mission is to eliminate all the players on the opposite team. Whichever TEAM survives, WINS!!

Kill the Captain

The objective of this misson is to take out the Captain of the other team while protecting your Captain. Whichever team's Captain survives, that team wins the game. The Captains each wear a colored ribbon. This game is won by strategy on each team. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


This game is a combination of Team Elimination and Kill the Captain. The objective of this mission is to eliminate the other team but you must take out the Captain of the other team first.

Search and Destroy

A small group of Solders are hiding in the battlefield. The larger Army team must hunt down and destroy this elite squad. This elite group of Solders are sneaky and get to deploy early, hopefully with a GOOD plan!!!!

Adults vs. Kids

This is always a HIT at parties. The kids love shooting Mom, Dad, and any other adults we can sweet talk into playing.

Capture the Flag

The objective of this mission is to capture your opponent's flag and bring it back to your flag. If you are killed carrying the flag you must go to the graveyard. To win, your team must have both flags in your flag's starting position. CHARGE!!!!!!

Hunger Games

Everyone FORMS UP IN A CIRCLE. This game is everyone for themselves. In the end only a single player is the ultimate winner. QUICK GAME!!!!!

Free for All

Run Gump Run!!! Hide and take cover!!! Last player standing has BRAGGING RIGHTS!

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